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Welcome to Weathervane Shop

We are an online shop based in the South East, England. We have been supplying weathervanes, wall plaques, roof ware, architectural stoneware and statues for over 15 years

Our online shop showcases a great selection of weathervanes which are perfect for decorating the garden and all kinds of buildings. The weathervanes come in a range of designs, colours and styles to suit a wide range of tastes. The weather vanes are high quality and the material that they are made from is either steel construction that is primed, painted, powder coated or quality copper. The attention to detail and quality construction ensures that they are weather-resistant, strong and they serve as a decorative, functional exterior device that shows the wind direction. The weathervane range includes animals, birds, horses, cockerels, dragons, fish and a host of other great weathervane designs. All pieces are finished to a high standard and feature their own varied intricate details and detailing such as the NSEW finished in gold to make them look extra special

Pure Copper Weathervanes

The polished pure copper weathervanes section features a great range of weathervane designs all of which have excellent intricate detail and proportions which make them look realistic and lifelike


This category contains all bird weathervanes that we offer. It features a range of different bird designs including ducks, geese, owls, cockerels, pheasants, roosters and more


There are some excellent horse weathervane designs in the range from 3d copper designs to genuine aged Verdigris or steel silhouette. The horse designs suit just about all kinds of tastes

Aged Copper Weathervanes

The aged copper Verdigris weathervanes have been professionally aged to a genuine natural verdigris patina. They are perfect for settings where a weathered piece is preferred


This category contains all boat weathervanes that we offer. It features a range of different boat designs including sailboats, yachts, galleons, schooners, racing sloops and more


The mythical weathervane category contains witches, fairies, dragons and all kinds of weathervane designs that fall in the realm of myth, legend, folklore and fantasy

Steel Weathervane Designs

The steel weathervanes include a diverse range of designs. The colour offering is mainly black steel weathervanes but also includes handpainted specials and gold lettering on the NSEW lettering

Cockerels & Roosters

This category contains all cockerel and rooster weathervanes that we offer. The designs come in a range of styles from steel silhouettes to copper three dimensional designs with intricate detail


The traditional weathervane category includes arrow, banner and traditional style weathervanes. The styles range from medieval banners to Victorian or Edwardian influenced weathervanes

Aircraft Weathervane Designs

The aircraft weathervane section contains all aircraft, airplanes, planes and aviation weathervanes that we supply. There are some ornate copper, verdigris and steel weathervanes designs to choose from

Farm Animals

The animal weathervane designs in the farm animal category are perfect for farms, small holdings, farm house, cottage or rural settings. The weathervanes can also be used for all other purposes too

Water Themed

This weathervane category contains all water themed weathervanes which relate to ponds, rivers, lakes, bodies of water and the sea. There is a mixture of boats and animals available