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Copper eagle weathervane measurements

Eagles are amongst the biggest birds of prey and are impressive birds to see in person. This copper eagle weathervane pays homage to the bald eagle which is native to North America. The copper eagle weathervane features great detail and the talons, wings, feathers and beak are well defined and look lifelike

The eagle can be installed on the roof of an exterior structure or in the garden to create a great functional feature that will show which way the wind is blowing. It is impressive to see it in action and those that love Eagles, birds of prey or perhaps keep or train them will really appreciate it

Weathervane Rod

The weathervane rod that fits into the bracket is 10.5mm diameter steel tubing that is treated with a durable exterior black powdercoat paint

Standard Bracket

Each weathervane is supplied with a standard 125mm (5 inch) eaves bracket. Other brackets and fixings are available (see Brackets & Fixings tab for more details)


• Easy to assemble and install (including step by step instructions)

• Includes everything you need to construct the weathervane: Steel rod, NSEW directionals, copper globes and weathervane figure

• Exclusive Single Point Contact design allows the weathervane to spin freely in the wind


Copper: The weathervane designs are handcrafted from pure copper and brazed. Brazing may be visible on some designs but doesn't tend to lessen the beauty of the lovely copper weathervane design. Globes and spacers are also made from pure copper, copper over time naturally ages to a Verdigris patina. To delay the onset of the natural patina and extend the look of the polished copper finish a clearcoat enamel can be applied. The copper needs to be cleaned with soapy water, wiped with a micro cloth and left to dry before coating with enamel

Brass: Cast brass is used for the NSEW cardinal points on the range of copper weathervanes

Steel: Rods and brackets to mount the copper weathervanes are made from steel. The steel is treated with a durable exterior black powdercoat paint. The finish should be good for a reasonable amount of time out in the elements but in time if the steel rods and brackets weather they can be painted with an exterior metal paint such as Hammerite which restores the finish and will help preserve and extend the life of the fittings. Clear mastic can also be used on any joints for example where the rod is inserted and secured into the bracket to seal and further weatherproof and prolong the life of the steel bracket and rod

We were amazed to discover there are over 60 types of Eagle species worldwide, all have a variation of colours and sizes. The below list details the many Eagle species found worldwide:

African Fish Eagle, African Hawk Eagle, Andaman Serpent Eagle, Ayres's Hawk Eagle, Bald Eagle, Beaudouin's Snake Eagle, Black and chestnut Eagle, Black and white Hawk Eagle, Black chested Buzzard Eagle, Black chested Snake Eagle, Black Eagle, Black Hawk Eagle, Black Solitary Eagle, Bonelli's Eagle, Booted Eagle, Brown Snake Eagle, Cassin's Hawk Eagle, Congo Serpent Eagle, Crested Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Crowned Hawk Eagle, Crowned Solitary Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Golden Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Grey headed Fish Eagle, Gurney's Eagle, Harpy Eagle, Indian Spotted Eagle, Kinabalu Serpent Eagle, Lesser Fish Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Little Eagle, Long crested Eagle, Madagascar Fish Eagle, Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Martial Eagle, Ornate Hawk Eagle, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Papuan Eagle, Philippine Eagle, Philippine Serpent Eagle, Pygmy Eagle, Sanford's Sea Eagle, Sea Eagle, Short toed Snake Eagle, Snake Eagles, South Nicobar Serpent Eagle, Southern Banded Snake Eagle, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Steller's Eagle, Steller's Sea Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Sulawesi, Serpent Eagle, Tawny Eagle, Verreaux's Eagle, Wahlberg's Eagle, Wedge tailed Eagle, Western Banded Snake Eagle, White bellied Sea Eagle and White tailed Eagle

Brackets & Fixings



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