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Behold the copper verdigris motorbike weathervane, a vibrant and intricate adornment poised to grace your rooftop with flair. Crafted from exquisite copper verdigris, this weathervane not only elevates the aesthetic of your roof but also introduces an element of individuality. The motorbike elegantly turns with the wind, providing a dynamic display of the prevailing breeze.

Designed specifically for placement atop the circular ridge tile capping, this weathervane offers a captivating conclusion to your roofing masterpiece. The ridge tile fitting, typically in terracotta, extends its allure with an array of alternative colours and finishes to suit your taste. Dimensions are as follows: a total height of 25.6" (65cm) with the round ridge base measuring 12" (30cm) in diameter and 10" (24cm) in height. The motorbike weathervane ensures a low hassle setup. Embrace simplicity as the round ridge tile capping integrates into your roof using traditional mortar application.

There is also a mechanical fix option in the form of a metal strap, an adaptable coil easily tailored to your specifications. Boasting holes for secure fastening with screws, nails, or roof attachment, this strap conceals within standard mortar bed methods.

Versatility takes center stage as the motorbike ridge weathervane harmonises with various roof types, turrets, towers, flat, round, and circular roofs. Beyond the realm of roofs, unleash its decorative charm in the garden for a captivating display.

Experience the ease of installation in diverse settings, this motorbike weathervane transcends traditional boundaries. An exquisite addition to any roof, its rotating prowess continues to guide, revealing the ever changing whispers of the wind.

Brackets & Fixings

There are various methods for installing weathervane finials:

Traditional mortar bedding

Weathervane finials can be installed using the same process employed for ridge tiles, using standard mortar bedding. If the weathervane finial is tall, heavy, or requires enhanced stability, a supplementary mechanical fixing method can be utilised in conjunction with the mortar bed installation.

Mechanical fixing strap and mortar bedding

In this installation method, a galvanized metal strap is discreetly attached to the underside of the finial ridge base during manufacturing. This durable and flexible metal strap can be adjusted in length by cutting it down. Equipped with a series of holes, the strap can be screwed, nailed, or embedded in mortar to anchor it to a section of the roof structure. After securing the metal strap, installers can hide it from view by applying traditional mortar bed resulting in a seamless and tidy appearance.

Dry fixing

An alternative method for affixing finials to the roof is the dry fixing approach. This technique involves using a specific manufacturer's dry fixing system, typically incorporating brackets or alternative mechanical fasteners to attach ridge tiles and finials to the roof without the use of mortar. If you are considering a dry fix ridge system, please contact us to determine if this weathervane finial design can be adapted to be compatible with your chosen system.


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